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Android is a mobile operating systems by Google. It is mainly intended for touchscreen devices like smartphones. It is a Linux-based open source platform. The user interface of Android uses touch gestures like swiping and tapping. It also has a virtual keyboard that allows text messages to be typed in. There are versions of Android OS for televisions, cars and wrist watches. Some variations of Android are also used in devices such as digital cameras and game consoles. Android is a low-cost, customizable operating system that can be used in technologically sophisticated devices. Hence, it is very popular among technological companies. Android supports technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and MMS.

Android’s user interface mainly uses direct manipulation. Direct manipulation allows interaction with visible objects of interest. It gives one the feeling that one is performing something directly, without using a device for the purpose. Although developed by Google, being an open source software, it can be used by other companies to operate their mobile devices.Google Play store has more than one million Android applications. These applications can help the users with almost everything from file transfer and planning their schedules to watching movies and playing games. There are both free and buyable android applications. However, android applications are not generally expensive.

Unfortunately, Google Play store is not strictly controlled. So, many of the applications you find in the Google Play store are malware and fake apps. There are also no restrictions on apps containing explicit adult content. Since Android OS is highly customizable, mobile device companies can add many extraneous features to the operating system such as S Translator by Samsung. But this also means that often the people who use older devices miss out on newer updates unless the companies still give attention to the older devices. Being unable to update to the latest versions can create security risks.

Android is a great choice for application developers as there are no licensing charges. Modification programs are available free of charge. This makes Android application development even more affordable. Android is perfect for integrating several programs. Android is the preferred choice for application developers as it can be customised to meet the customer requirements without too much hassle.Popularity of particular Android apps can be achieved through SEO of the respective Google Play page.Apple and Windows Phone are the main competitors of Android. Although not as popular as Apple and Android, Windows Phone has the reputation for offering well-made devices.

Android has been very innovative, introducing the operating system into different aspects of lives as shown in its contributions to wearable technology. Android smartwatch is constantly updated with features like GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. Google Glass with apps referred to as Glassware is a spectacle-like device with a small display and a bone-conducting speaker. In bone conduction, sound is conducted to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. The second version of the Google Glass has a mono earbud.

Java programming language, sometimes combined with C++, is often used for the development of Android applications. The Android software development kit includes tools such as debugger, handset emulator, software libraries, sample code and tutorials. Apart from Google Play store, there are many third-party application marketplaces for android. Android is designed to keep power consumption at a minimum rate. The Google platform Daydream is built into Android. There are many hardware components that can be incorporated into android devices, if you choose to. This includes pressure sensors, accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes.

The green Android logo is made by modifying the human symbol on restroom doors into a robot-like shape. The logo itself is open sourced and a number of variations of the original design exist now. The upgrades of Android are named after confectionaries, such as ice cream sandwich, honeycomb and nougat. With rising concerns over piracy, Android introduced encryption of paid applications so that they cannot be used on any device other than the one for which they were purchased.



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