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Artificial Intelligence

Creopedia Business Intelligence Private Limited is a Multi-dimensional firm that has been moving swiftly along with the technologies Like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IOT, and Augmented Reality. We’ve been very keen in implementing Artificial Intelligence in our mode of operations. Its significance and the impacts have been well sort out to expand the possibilities even in the SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT field where we have been playing a major role in the industry for the past 5 years.

Artificial Intelligence

Software algorithms that are capable of performing tasks that normally require Cognitive human Capabilities, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and language translation. AI is an “Umbrella” concept that is made up of numerous subfields, such as machine learning, which focuses on the development of programs that can teach themselves to learn, understand, reason, plan and act(i.e. become more intelligent) when exposed to new data in the right quantities.

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mobile application development cochin

IOT (Internet OF Things)

A Network of objects-devices, vehicles, etc. – embedded with sensors, software, network connectivity and compute capability, that can collect and exchange data over the Internet. IoT enables devices to be connected and remotely monitored or controlled. The term IoT has come to represent any device that is now “connected” and accessible via a network connection. The Industrial IoT is a subset of IoT and refers to its use in manufacturing and industrial sectors.


Distributed electronic ledger that uses software algorithms to record and confirm transactions with reliability and anonymity. The record of events is shared between many parties and information once entered cannot be altered, as the downstream chain reinforces upstream transactions. This Technology is create a new era of contract management, and will play a significant role in smarter collaboration among the businesses within an ecosystem.

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mobile application development cochin

Augmented Reality

Addition of information or visuals to the physical world, via a graphics and/ or audio overlay, to improve the user experience for a task or a product. This “augmentation” of the real world is achieved via supplemental devices that render and display said information. AR is distinct from VR, as the latter is designed and used to re-create reality within a confined experience.

Virtual Reality

Computer generated simulation of a three dimensional image or a complete environment, within a defined and contained space, that viewers can interact within realistic ways. VR is intended to be an immersive experience and typically requires equipment, most commonly a helmet/headset.

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mobile application development cochin


Air or water based devices and vehicles, for example, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV), that fly or move without an onboard human pilot. Drones can operate autonomously (via on board computers) on a predefined flight plan or be controlled remotely. (Note: This category is distinct from autonomous land-based vehicles.)

3D Printing

Additive manufacturing techniques used to create Three- dimensional objects based on digital models by layering or “printing” Successive layers of materials. 3D printing relies on innovative “links” including plastic, and more recently, glass and wood. This is going to make flexible manufacturing a reality in the coming years, and will redefine the manufacturing industry.

mobile application development cochin
mobile application development cochin


Electro-Mechanical machines or virtual agents that automate, augment or assist human activities, autonomously or according to a set of instructions – often a computer program. Twenty Years ago, there were fewer than 7, 00,000 industrial robots in action. Today there are about 18, 00,000 of these machines, and their number is estimated to 26, 00,000 by 2019.


With the assistance of artificial intelligence and machine learning we transform scattered, random data into valuable insight. We possess the expertise that drives powerful AI solutions. From the development of a model solution to its deployment you can rely on us.Leverage our experience in Machine and Deep learning models development, Big Data, and Cloud technology to successfully build, deploy, and manage AI solutions in your industry.

web development company in cochin

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