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Technology has made it very easy for us to connect with people efficiently. However, with the rise of such facilities there have also risen worries over the protection of the information passed through these media. Security threats are a reality with so many hackers and eavesdroppers trying to access information that is private to others. Email encryption is a way of protecting private or confidential information sent through emails.

Email communication is commonly used in businesses even when communicating confidential information such as bank details or operational plans. In these cases security breaches can cause huge losses to the company. The risks involved are not always financial. Security breaches of this sort can compromise your company’s reputation and affect the brand image.

Emails are normally transmitted as clear texts, without any encryption. Hackers usually intercept emails before they reach the destination. If email encryption is used, they will not be able to access the confidential data in the emails even if they procure the email. Email encryption password protects the information using public and private keys. The public keyis used to encrypt a message. Only the people who have rightful access to the content will know the private keys required to open the emails.

Email encryption does not need any additional equipment to work, so there is no hassle of hardware installations. The service can be incorporated into the email system a business is currently using. So the employees will not need to change their current email addresses when email encryption is introduced. The system is quite user friendly, which means that the staff will not need any training to start using email encryption. So it can be a very low-cost system to be introduced in your company.

Using email encryption will assist businesses in complying with security requirements imposed by the government. Email encryption also offers other services like retract ability of messages, which can be very useful. Companies have the duty to protect the information of their employees and customers, and the retract facility helps avoid accidental breaches.This can even save you from a lawsuit. Using email encryption helps avoid phishing and thus makes email communications much smoother.

Older systems of email encryption required the recipient to install the same tool that the sender used to encrypt the email to decrypt it. When someone left the company, procedures had to be done to make sure that he or she could no more access the emails. But these situations are not a concern when you use contemporary tools for encryption. In the modern systems, the key creation is a very simple process. There will not be any need for IT involvement for key management.

Encryption tools can automate the process of encryption, allowing you to communicate securely with customers, partners and employees. In automated systems the emails pass through a gateway appliance that encrypts and decrypts emails. If the recipient does not use a gateway appliance, he or she will need to get the key to decrypt the message or log into an online portal to view the message. Encryption makes sure that your messages reach only the intended recipient no matter from which server you are sending them or which servers the messages pass through. Email encryption options are available for handheld devices such as Blackberry.

Email encryptions come in two different forms, one using symmetric algorithm and the other using asymmetric algorithm. Asymmetric key encryption can be more complex. But what actually determines the cost is whether or not you want an email encryption service or you want self-managed software. Self-managed systems can be more expensive, especially in the long run. You can choose the strength of encryption you need. A stronger level of encryption is recommended when using systems that can decrypt files using multiple keys.

As the security systems to protect your private data advance the hackers are also showing greater expertise in finding ways to get through the system. Hackers are known to send phishing emails disguised as encrypted emails. These emails include links that claim to direct you to an encryption service website where you can securely view the email you received. Clicking the links will send you directly to the hacker’s trap. So whichever security system you may use, it is always necessary that you stay alert to all kinds of scams. Be aware of possible threats and tread carefully.

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