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Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps organisations manage their businesses and automate back office functions. Many activities such as production planning, manufacturing, marketing and shipping can be managed using this integrated management software. Although companies invest a lot of money to adopt ERP solutions, not all organisations that use ERP leverage all the benefits of the technology.

Businesses often use consultants to help them decide which ERP system is best for their organisation. Often, particular consultants represent certain ERP systems which they will be suggesting to all their clients regardless of what are the requirements of each client. Sometimes these consultants are not aware of all the varieties of ERP available in the market and are able to provide information only about the few they are familiar with. This leaves the businesses adopting ERP partially informed on the benefits and shortcomings of each system. When choosing a consultant to help choose an ERP system, you need to make sure that they make the effort to understand the requirements of your business. They should be letting you know the disadvantages of any system that they suggest to you rather than hiding any potential issues and telling you only about the benefits. Make sure that the consultant you choose do not represent a particular ERP system.

You need to choose an ERP system that is the right size for your company. A system that is too big can cause a lot of hassle, and of course, you will be wasting your money buying functionalities that you are never going to use. It is not enough to focus on the quality of an ERP system. You should be thinking how it is going to benefit your particular business. You will be able to get an ERP solution tailored to your needs. Companies often face problems during the implementation of ERP system. So it is important that you are able to communicate with your vendor even after the sale. Make sure that there are people responsible for helping you through the implementation process. You will also need to plan ahead on how you are going to deploy the system. For instance, who is going to be responsible for maintaining each aspect of the system.

Some companies fail to train their staff on how to use the ERP system. Many businesses do not use all the functionalities that can help their organisation because the employees are not properly trained. To realise the full potential of the ERP system that you have invested in, it is necessary that you take the effort to train your employees in the optimum use of the system. The use of ERP system in connecting with customers is something that is often overlooked. It will be worth the effort to take the time to understand how this will help your business. It is also important to upgrade the system depending on the growth of your business. Make sure that every time there is a change in the system, your employees are trained to work with the new system.

ERP integrates all the aspects of a business and so it is important that it is implemented in every department. If only some sections of the business use the system, you will not be able to use the full benefits of the system. ERP system should be implemented in every area of the business right from the upper level management.Remember to keep the system simple. Choose only the functionalities that your business needs so that the system will remain simple and not cumbersome to manage. If used optimally, ERP can help in increasing productivity, improving efficiency of management, accurate processing and market forecasting. Although implementing an ERP system requires a lot of time, planning and money, it can benefit the business if you tap into its full potential.



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