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Fundamentals of Blogging

Blogs or web logs are interactive websites that are updated regularly. Before you start your own blog, it is essential to consider your purpose in maintaining a blog. You might be looking to earn some extra money, or you may find blogging a creative way of expressing yourself. It might be part of your business marketing strategy. You need to be aware of who your target audience are and what will catch their interest. What end you seek from blogging will influence your choice of the blogging platform, and the style in which you choose to write your blog posts.

Here are some of the fundamentals of blogging that will help you in your endeavours as a blogger. Be aware of the permanence of your posts. It can be accessible forever in cached versions even when you have changed your mind and deleted a post. A public blog is accessible to everyone, be it your employer or your best friend. It is not good form to use content from any source without specifying the source. If your content is based on posts by some other bloggers, it is best to include links to the sources. Pictures and other creative content will definitely make your posts more eye-catching. But make sure that you get permissions before using any content for which you do not own the copyright. Make the best of the web medium. Take advantage of new technologies. There are plenty of infrequent bloggers. But updating your blog regularly will get more visits for your blog and your audience are likely to stay interested rather than dropping out. To get the best results, it is very important to write regularly.

The content should be valuable to your target audience. You might have very good marketing strategies to promote your post, but if your content is not worthy, even the best marketing strategy is not going to do you any good. But if you post very relevant, high-quality content, it has a way of getting to people who appreciate it. If you write a long post, make sure that it is rich in content. List posts, such as ‘Ten ways of …’ doing something, have proven record of going viral, because they tend to be to the point and rich in valuable content. Especially for businesses pillar articles play a significant role. Pillar articles contain content that never lose relevance, it will be well researched and written using your best efforts. It will focus on topics such as the philosophy that drives your business, how you do your business and how the readers can benefit from your business.

Marketing can certainly bring more visitors to your blog. Viral marketing depends on people sharing your content or links to your content. This largely depends on how interesting your content is, and is often done without people realising that they are marketing or being marketed to. Another way of marketing your blog posts is to get help from your fellow bloggers. It will be a mutually beneficial deal as you can promote their blogs and products as well. You can also make use of social media to get more views to your articles.

Put some effort into forming the headlines. Certain words in the title will have the potential to make your post go viral. Your target audience again becomes relevant here. Choose headlines that will be appealing to the audience you are aiming at, and include what value you are offering them. Headlines with certain terms like ‘easiest way’, ‘best way’, ‘why you should’ and ‘everything you need to know’ have the potential to bring more traffic. If you want to develop a loyal audience, always deliver on what you promise in your headline.

Make your blog presentable. Pay attention to factors such as, whether your pages are easy on the eye, is your blog easily navigable and is it easy for your audience to subscribe to your blog. To create the best results and to make sure that your success as a blogger continues to grow it is very crucial that you have clear goals. Define a set of goals – how many subscribers you want within what period of time, how often will you post in a week, how many visitors you want each day and how long should it take you to achieve this. As in any other endeavour, passion is important in blogging as well. It is passion that will get you going on all kinds of days, in all kinds of moods.



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