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Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development refers to the process by which application software is developed for mobile devices. The software may either be already installed at the time of manufacturing the device or could be bought from software providers and then installed. Several kinds of application software are available to be downloaded through web browsers. Every application is aimed at improving the end user’s experience in one way or another.

Some of the common technologies used in mobile application development are Dot Net, C++ and J2EE. Due to the high demands many applications such as wireless internet security, content management, and video and image sharing are outsourced to companies specialising in mobile application development. Security in mobile applications help to protect the device from threats such as viruses, malware and OS exploits.

The process of developing a mobile application begins with graphical designer tools. Tools such as Balsamiq and Interface Builder are commonly used. DSL-based approach in application development can maintain the agility of design development and operational process. Revolutionary technologies in application development are introduced in the market very often and it is important that the developers remain updated.

When you have an idea for a mobile application, first you should research and find out whether a similar application already exists. If it does, you should find strategies to differentiate your application from the other application. Find out something your application offers that no other application does.

Before mobile application development, you should decide which platform you intend to cater to. The major platforms used these days are iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Mobile applications need to be compatible with particular technologies. If you want to develop applications for multiple platforms, planning ahead can help you reduce the effort and cost involved. Cross-platform compatible applications increase the market at least by 3 times. Remember that mobile web applications can run on all smart phones and it might be the best option for you.

Identifying your target clients will help you while making decisions,such as the suitable design, during the mobile application development.It is also important to decide whether you are aiming at a global audience or a more local one. Do not forget to take into account the costs involved in making the application and set a timetable and stick to it. Timing is very important as it is a competitive field. If you are not quick enough, some other company may launch an application with a similar idea and lose you your target users.

When pricing your application, you should consider factors such as the cost of other similar applications, how useful is your application to the target consumers and how much will it cost you to build, launch and maintain your application. It is also important to do some marketing to promote your application. Hybrid applications using technologies such as Ionic and HTML5 are the latest trend. Cloud storage plays an important role in mobile application development. Apple is making application development possible for common users with the iPad application Switch Playground. Security threats posed by mobile applications, is a worry that yet needs to be dealt with.

The future is looking bright for mobile application developers. It is expected that with the evolution of HTML5 it will be possible to develop mobile applications that will work for all platforms. We expect a great deal of development in the area of IoT or Internet of Things applications which will let you control the things around you using applications. The application development world will also see the advent of more advanced software kits. In the future, there is likely to be a shift from customer applications to enterprise applications. The demand for location-based service applications that help you do your shopping or call a plumber is likely to increase. The popularity of cloud computing applications is here to stay. Mobile security applications will also be in great demand.



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