online marketing kerala

Branding strategy

We have created hundreds of Brands and provided professional graphic design services from the conception of the idea until the roll out of the product.Creopedia creates and implements aligned advertising campaigns and interactive solutions for organizations of all sizes, and our strategies are designed to reach and influence your target audience in the most cost-effective ways

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Our team of SEO specialists prepares effective SEO strategies to help your search standing against other businesses in your field. Our strategies and SEO campaigns drive the right kind of traffic to your website, and your products and increase your market value and your sales.We compile an exhaustive list of keywords and insert them in your website so that your site can rank at top positions in search engine results.

online marketing kerala
online marketing kerala

Social Media Marketing

Our social media campaigns can help you build your Business through

  • Driving targeted Audience to your site
  • Boost your sites SEO
  • Helps in building your brand image
  • Ensures Better ROI

  • Social Media Marketing can be easily done using platforms such as Facebook Instagram twitter linkedin etc.We can use each of these social media differently and effectively to generate more and more traffic to your brand from our multi -prong approach.Our wide range of Social Media services cater to most budgets and Business domains however should you wish to discuss your requirements with us please do not hesitate to contact us

    Google adwords management

    We have cross- platform expertise in creating ads to reach the right audience with utmost transparency.We offer full-service management for ad campaigns for our clients which includes design, ROI Analysis, management, conversion tracking and optimization. Our team of specialists can easily identify current market trends and competition to create a high converting ads and generate traffic to your site.

    Content Marketing

    “The only way at winning at Content Marketing is for the readers to say ‘This was specifically written for me ‘“

    We are a capable bunch of people who can run effective content marketing program to ensure better engagement and brand development. We can help your business-

  • Increase Visibility
  • Achieve goals
  • Better lead generation and enviable conversion rates
  • Blog

    Blogs are one of the best ways to communicate with your potential customers.A well executed blog has the power to convert the readers to potential customers and also encourage the reader to do mouth to mouth publicity among his peers.Whether you are a small , medium or a large business ,content marketing should be the core of your content marketing strategy.We know the importance of consistency and thus, our content marketing team always delivers high quality work and maintains its consistency from beginning till the end.


    Vlogs are increasingly accounting for more and more of this traffic. From the studies, it has been found that 44% of global Internet users now watching vlogs every month. Moreover, vlogs are very much popular amongst the younger audiences.As we all know “Modern problems require modern solutions”.With a team of animation experts we can assure to create quality content to divert traffic to your site

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