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Web design has fast grown into a mainstream technology service in Cochin with an increasing number of local businesses, individuals and other organisations taking to the web to establish a one-stop solution to handle their communication requirements twenty four into seven. Trends in web site design come and go, volatile as fashion cycles but it’s utility remains the same as always. Looking for a web designer or a design company to handle your web site development can be tedious and the process of deciding how your website should look, confusing. For all the first timers who are deciding on how to tackle the problem, I Genus Realtime Softwares, one of Cochin’s leading web development and SEO companies offers this introductory article about Web Design in Cochin.
The field of web design in Cochin, which had been growing fast, has ascended a plateau. At this point, there’s’ a constant flux of trained designers coming into the scene, after diplomas from private academies that span anything from six months to two years. There is also a large number of web design companies operating in an around the city. However, the demand for websites is not as great as one would imagine. The market has a lot of potential, but adoption rates have been rickety, mainly due to a lack of knowledge of how a website can help its owner. A large percentage of website owners in the city are either large businesses or small designer shops – the vast middle ground between them holds very little online presence.
Websites are an extremely dynamic medium of communication. They can be used for corporations, shops, artists, families and clubs. The design of a website is fully dependant on the client’s needs and therefore the first thing to be done is to make a list of all the functions you need from your website. For example, if you own a hardware shop on M.G Road, what will your site need? Purely based on generalities one would assume: 1) make its location easily known. 2) make customers aware of products and brands they sell – this includes putting up information on newly arrived products which customers may not know about 3) put up general notices such as what days the shop may be closed or whether it will stay open on a holiday, also on promotional offers and discounts available 4) open a channel of communication with their customers, where enquiries can be received and complaints or warranty forms can be filled. All of the points above will help the shop to expedite their selling and replacement/services process and also to build a relationship with their customer.
A website should be designed such that its functions are clearly defined. This is especially true if the website is being designed for a business purpose as your visitors are likely to be on your site to get information quickly rather than to kill time. Most business websites, such as the hardware store described above will only need a simple design that clearly communicates its functions. As soon as a new visitor arrives, they should know what they can do in this site – browse products, get the address, return or service items, enquire about products and learn what days the shop is open and closed. An advantage of simple sites, is that they do not take time to load and can be accessed by mobiles and tablets easily. To further improve this quick loading ability, developers can make your site mobile and tablet compatible.
Based on the functions of your website and other inputs given by you, your web developer or web developing company, such as I Genus Realtime Softwares, will suggest one or a few layouts for your site which you can modify or tweak as you like. The second major decision you will have to make is on the color choices on the site. The subliminal communication done by colors is a well discussed topic and the phenomenon comes into play in web site design as well. Most likely, your shop or business will have a logo, color scheme and associated font and if so, it is best to follow that.
Most long time business owners in the city are settled in their way of doing things and especially so if they are successful. However, the internet has opened up a new dimension to local business and the ones who have adopted technology to make their stores more visible are reaping the benefits of it. Customer demographic is also slowly but steadily changing, with more and more younger people taking up daily and mobile internet use. The future of business in Cochin will very much be internet dependant and your first step towards it will be deciding your web design strategy!



Webdesiging is something very interesting, and we can create it based on our creativity.

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