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Lets face it, Kerala has always been a sleepy little place in the context of the wide world. Although the state has been an active international trade point since ancient times, we got on with just a few pockets of activity buzzing along and as a result, our way of life changed little over the centuries... until now. The last century has seen unbridled scientific progress and that has resulted in bringing a slew of changes into the daily life of people around the world, including us Keralites, who enjoyed the lavish bounties of a land so rich in natural wealth we wanted for nothing. A great driver of this change now is the internet and its easy access. The internet provides a platform for communication and information dissemination, both of which are essential to the running of a business in today's world. The internet became a common term by the late nineties in Kerala and most people knew how to make use of it to search for information or simply to while away some time by the early 2000’s. Then came the proliferation of the smartphones. With smartphones, people could access the internet at the press of a button, wherever they were and this accessibility revolutionised the use of its use by the common man. If they were in an electronics store, and had to choose between two mixers, they'd pull out their smartphones and search for reviews on the internet. If they wanted to locate an ice cream shop while they were in a part of town they didn’t usually go to, if they wanted to book a complaint for a product they bought or if they wanted to search for the availability of a particular product all they had to do was look it up online. What answers they'd find on the internet though, is a different thing altogether - that side of the matter is what concerns business owners.
The responsibility to provide the information that all of these potential customers described above are looking for lies on business establishments. More accurately, its an opportunity rather than a responsibility - an opportunity to increase your business’ visibility. Potential customers can browse through your products or services, learn what they want to know about it and even communicate with you about doubts or queries they have gives you an undoubted leg up. It is the identification of these needs that has prompted the setting up Web Development and Design services by I Genus Realtime Softwares which is a software firm located in Palarivattom, Cochin. Your website is visited by people who want to know about your products and services, which is a more relevant demographic than what will come across any advertisement you put up. Another positive side to this is the fact that online competition in Cochin isn’t as intense as in other bigger cities since the adoption rates have been low among businesses. At the same time, the early birds who have entered the race are reaping the benefits of it.
The time is still right for businesses in Cochin to enter the web space and open up a new - and more importantly, relevant - dimension to their operations. For a lot of businesses, the requirement for a website is clear but the process of going about it and utilizing the website to their best advantage is not. At I Genus Realtime Softwares, this communication about the possibilities and the dangers that face new entrants to the web space is taken very importantly. When it comes to Web Design and Web Development in Cochin, there are a few mistakes that most businesses make when getting their own website up and running, as observed by the professionals at I Genus. Here we list these and how to avoid them, with the advice of the Web Development team in the company.
Blind Urgency: Sometimes when a businessman decides to get a website he would see it as an urgent requirement without understanding exactly how it could help him. Your website, just as your products have a target audience that it needs to cater to. For example, if your are running an urban fashion store for the youth, it is very necessary to make the site smartphone compatible as youngsters are the chief demo that browses the internet on the smartphones. Your Web Development team should also suggest the development of an app for your store that could turn one time customers to regulars.
Flashy Design: Always remember that a good website is one which provides clear information, is easy to navigate and works on multiple platforms. This means that your website should be simple, with apt content describing your products/services clearly and can be accessed from smartphones and tablets other than just computers. An animation and graphics heavy site usually contains a lot of data and takes a long time to open, which could easily end up being a dissuading factor for any visitor from staying on your site.
Purpose: The purpose of your website should be clear to anyone visiting it. This is in some ways an extension of the first and second points. A customer should be easily able to understand how the site can help them. Ideally, your website should be able to provide any information on your business that a customer might want to know and also allow them to forward their queries about them to you.
Un-updated content: To leave your website un– updated is a cardinal sin of the information age. Whether you are bringing in new products, updating the old ones, providing repairs, changing location, opening a new branch, etc, that information has to go on your website because customers are constantly accessing your website and using information from it to make purchase decisions. If a customer sees a product they would like to buy from you and approaches your store only to find out that you have stopped selling that particular product a long time ago or do not have it in stock then you risk sending them away dissatisfied.
Keeping your site updated can also involve using blog entries. Regular content based updating can also help your site become more visible online and reach more potential customers. This factor comes as a part of Search Engine Optimization of your site. The field of Web Design and Development in Cochin is filled with all sorts of players. When selecting one to help your business, make sure that you approach a reputed company for the same.



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