WebCastle’s web developers can assist you to take advantage of wordpress, which is one of the most popular content management systems which is widely used around the world. It is also a well known blogging tool. This particular CMS technology is mainly based on MySQL and PHP and its latest versions even have multi-user and multi-blogging capabilities.

How Wordpress benefits your CMS requirements?

Wordpress was initially launched as a blogging tool. However, through many years of evolution it is now a complete content management system that allows you to manage both websites and blogs. WebCastle has the best developers who have the right skills and knowledge to make the most of the immense number of plugins, themes and widgets available for this technology.

What are the unique Wordpress services Creopedia offer?

  • Wordpress design synthesis
  • Wordpress theme creation
  • Modified Modules development
  • Wordpress portal maintenance

Greatest highlights of wordpress

Themes, plugins and widgets are the greatest highlights of the wordpress technology. These factors make the technology go beyond just a basic content management system. By switching themes it is possible to make the system more functional and practical. Higher number of plugin availability is also an exceptional feature. Widgets are another great factors that make the template customizations and arrangement much easier.

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